Nettles on the issues

Medicare expansion


 Nettles wholeheartedly believes that the benefits to expanding Medicare to cover more Americans will outweigh the costs. The Health Insurance Flexibility and Accountability (HIFA) waiver expansions led to  many Americans receiving health care for the first time under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) . The most vulnerable Americans finally had access to healthcare  and now both sides of the aisle  agree that access to affordable healthcare is a priority. Fixing the problems with the ACA is not only the most cost effective way to do this, it is the only way to ensure that those with preexisting conditions continue to receive the treatment they need. 

criminal justice reform


The criminal justice system in the United States is severely flawed and continues to disproportionately incarcerate minorities at an alarming rate. Changing the law to reduce the conviction rates for non-violent drug offenses is a great start, however more can be done.  Nettles is proposing a unique solution that targets both criminal justice reform as well as fighting against the opioid crisis. HIFA waiver expansions did not just provide basic healthcare to many Americans, they also provided mental health services to more individuals. This led to a decrease in substance related crimes, thus helping lower the amount of incarcerated Americans. Funding Medicare expansion will improve the lives of millions of Americans while also help countless more fight for the American Dream and be successful. 

the minimum wage


 The average income in the district is $65,000 per household. However, one in four households lives below the poverty line of $25,000. That equals to roughly 47,000 households that struggle every day to make ends meet and with the cost of living gradually rising, many more are struggling to make ends meet. Nettles understands this struggle because this is his struggle, too. Raising the national minimum wage, which has not been adjusted since 2009, will not only help bolster our economy, it will help the thousands of households in this district that desperately need the country to move as progressively as our economy.  



 California's 44th district has an average high school graduation rate of 65% while the average high school graduation around the country sits at 80%. We owe it to our children and our future to bring this number up and provide a quality education where students not only finish what they started but they do so without any distractions. Nettles proposes a federal grant of $3 billion that will target those schools and districts in our nation that struggle the most with adequate funding to afford the best teachers, state of the art facilities, and after school programs that keep our children engaged and learning. 



 Nettles has worked for veterans for the last four years at his local college. Having secured grants to bolster the veteran services for student veterans in the district, and working to assist the day-to-day lives of hundreds of student veterans, Nettles is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure our veterans are met with top-of the-line care in our medical facilities, in our education institutions, and our financial institutions.  In order to provide top-of-the-line care, we need to restructure the current VA system to ensure that it actually works for the Veterans. Nettles intends to do just that by vowing to sit down and write legislation with veteran leaders across the country. 

environmental protection


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